Tuesday, March 24, 2015

MTC and the Spirit

The spirit here is so wonderful, It is like a red hot fire. You can always feel it, and when you focus and come close it is so powerful.

The experience has been the most amazing of my life! It has been a week and I have grown so much. The culture here is AMAZING. and it's beautiful.

I am excited beyond belief!! It is so cool here at the mtc, and I can go walk the grounds and see the temple after this. love you guys and will keep in touch.

We're a stones throw from the temple and went today and it was AMAZING.. It is like heaven on earth!! And honestly this place is like refuge for truth. All it take is focus and you can feel the spirit like a FIRE at anywhere in the building. I'm so glad I'll be serving along side these people. They are the most genuine sincere people I have ever been around besides family. I mean we really treat each other like family. I would trust these guys with my life.

It is beautiful. It's one of the largest in Europe, if not the largest... And yet its MAYBE half the size of the portland temple. But the session was amazing. I am trying to absorb everything I can from the mtc before I go back out into the harsh world. Becuase I know the spirit thrives here in a way thats unmatched.


Anyways, Chorley is great... and the temple grounds are absurd. The temple has some stained glass windows, so at night it glows in the most remarkable way. I LOVE IT. We got to go to the temple twice as 2 week stayers. So yeah the MTC was great, the spirit was amazing, and the people were all so bright and cheery.

The weather here is a lot like home, more crazy really... And seeing people transition to this weather has taught me a couple things. One the lord prepared me in so many ways to come here. Two- It doesn't matter how bad the storm is outside if the inside invites the spirit. I was talking to Elder Erickson the other night about how excited we are to have our own families and make our homes places of spiritual strength and enlightenment. I know how powerful that is now, and the amazing thing is it comes entirely from diligence.

I have a great comp. elder tsai from tailand, we laugh a lot and tells lots of jokes. And I know some Chinese words now :P and I say 'ELDAH' now in an aussy accent now, because elder corcoran from autralia who has the greatest accent ever haha. Honestly I say more things in an Aussy accent than in an English one.

anyways, hope you're doing well,
I send my love as always. - elder Jarvis

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