Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Ist Area


So I'm in the first area now. Guess where I got sent?!? Tamworth..... That probably doesn't ring a bell, but it will in a sec... wait for it..... It's where Reliant Robins were manufactured. My first area is the reliant robin town. haha I haven't seen any yet though. Ps- I'm jealous you saw a reliant! I still haven't. Well I probably have, just not noticed.
(This is an old family joke about Rick wanting to buy an Elio motors 3 wheel car and the boys showing him videos of rolling Reliant Robins every time he mentions one.)

I've met some pretty cool people here. Super English, really cool little town! The houses are great here to! People here are wonderful.  I rode like 10 miles the first day here.... and it's all hills here. SO that's been a pain. I've been adjusting well! It's awesome here, the ward is AMAZING!

It's been a month since I left WA, and it's been nuts. It feels like it has been AGES! I'm happy i get 23 more of these though! I'm growing so much out here. I feel the spirit so much, especially so in lessons. I feel it the strongest when I testify to people, so I've done that a lot. I gave a talk yesterday in church and that went well also. The people here are wonderful, and like you if you make fun of who they are (which is weird to get used to).

They do market days on Tuesday and sat, and people just set up stalls all over. Anyways, We took a bus straight to the mission office which is in a place called Sutton Colfield. It's a really wealthy area. But yeah Tamworth does have a lot of cool things about it. It's very mixed, Also I found out why England is so compact in the cities, and so spread out. They zone all the open land as 'green belt zones' where you can't build anything more than a lean to. Also, there are so many trees everywhere because if you cut one down you have to have permission, and you have to replant one. Even like on your land for your business. It's a bit excessive, but it does have a nice effect.

Oh turns out I have a few more minutes! Oh guess what? There's a cartridge world like 100 feet from our flat! I think it's funny every time I ride by. The spirit has been really lovely in the field. I've been able to give some great lessons already! The work is really nice here. There is lots to do. We bike A LOT. The district meetings are in the next town over, it's called Lichfield. There is and ENORMOUS cathedral there. I'll be sure to get some pictures before I leave the area. This town has a really old chapel in it too. But the one in Lichfield is extremely old. Take a look on google maps, I think you'd like it!

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