Thursday, October 29, 2015

Wolverhampton update

Hey Guys,

Things have been so crazy here. To be perfectly honest I don't remember exactly what my last update covered, so forgive me if my updates touch on the same things. My time in Wolverhampton so far has been nuts! I came in with 2 companions, Elder Bogeart from Switzerland and Elder Smith from Jamaica. Within two week I lost both of them, and now I have Elder Bellen as my companion again (the Elder I served with in Walsall). So that has been most peculiar! It has taken a little while, but I'm finally starting to get settled in. Things have been going great out here. It's been a bit hard to find people to teach, because of the dynamic of our area, so we have decided to put a bigger emphasis on working with less active members. We have set up a programme with the ward mission leader and elders quorum president, and they have become really excited! It's awesome to see the ward getting excited, but especially the ward leaders. We are going to try and have every less active member of the ward (which is a lot) visited before Christmas, by coordinating missionary efforts and home teaching efforts. I really hope we can help people see how important home teaching really is, and what a sacred privilege it is! We don't have many people we are teaching, but we did meet with a great less active - part member family least night and they are so awesome. We will definitely start visiting them more often. So that's what missionary work looks like in Wolverhampton 2nd ward right now. Fall is coming, and it's beautiful, but really cold. But being able to share a testimony brings the warmth to heart that makes it bearable. It's so true that the spirit brings warmth to the soul, and what an amazing feeling indeed.  I think that's about it for today. I really love this ward, and this work it's so great. I hope everyone is finding happiness, despite the trials in your life... For I have learned out here that happiness is not situational and knows no bounds!
Love you guys,
Take care

Monday, October 5, 2015

Conference was amazing!

      Hey everybody! Hope everything is going well. This last week has been crazy. The end of last transfer was sad because the district split up and it was such an awesome district. One of the sisters went home, and I got a transfer call to Wolverhampton. I came into the transfer with two other elders, Elder Smith and Elder Bogeart. It was an absolute riot! A few day of hilarity and joy.But unfortunately Elder Bogeart has been transferred again and we are back to a companionship of two. Wolverhampton seems nice from what I've seen so far. We're not the team that has the city centre, so things are pretty spread out. But the bishop and ward mission leader and a number of members live really close. We whitewashed into the area, so none of us know what's going on. We're slowly picking up the pieces but unfortunately no one has been taught here for a number of months. So I'm really looking forward to finding new people to teach. This transfer is going to be great, I have grown to like starting an area from the ground up.
     Conference was amazing! I absolutely loved it. Unfortunately, because we helped Elder Bogeart pack the night before... We were pretty tired for conference. But I loved it none the less. I still have yet to see the Sunday afternoon session, as the time difference doesn't allow missionaries to do so. But out of the sessions I saw I was deeply moved. It is such a blessing to have the opportunity to receive counsel from living prophets and apostles on the earth today. While again I do not have my notes with me, one of my favourite talks was on needing sincerity to receive an answer of if the Book of Mormon is true. I immediately knew I would love the talk, as it is a topic that is so dear to me.I also loved President Uchtdorfs talk about keeping the gospel simple. I have definitely seen how complicating the gospel makes missionary work ineffective. And if conversion won't come from complicated gospel teaching... I think it's fair to say our own continual gospel conversion should reflect a similar focus. I look forward to watching the session I haven't seen. I hope everyone had a wonderful conference weekend and got a chance to experience the convincing power therein.
I love you all, have a great week.