Monday, October 3, 2016

Life is trucking along nicely.

Hey everyone!
      These past few weeks have been pretty eventful. For one, our investigator friends are doing nicely. We had a couple incidents of our friends getting into anti-Mormon literature which set them back a ways, so that was pretty disappointing. In one particular incidence we could tell something was wrong from the first minute. Our friend was acting odd and being strangely quiet, and then after a while started being really challenging and quite aggressive. It was totally out of character. The spirit definitely gets the credit in how the situation was handled, and I remember one thing that was particularly memorable. It was noted that in the literature our friend was reading, it would always advise her to steer clear of us. And specifically to avoid coming to church, reading the scriptures, and praying. It was then added that everything we do is to invite her to do those three things. Those are the three major things we can do to invite revelation into our life, and it was a good reminder to see that the fruits of something are the evidence of the character and nature of the thing we are studying. If a source is saying stop doing the things that will bring us close to God, we can know from where that source is receiving it's inspiration. (And know that it's not from God)
     On a different note however, general conference was the very opposite of that experience. It was seriously inspiring. I really appreciated the talks from President Nelson and .... There is always something for everyone in general conference. We had to walk from town to the chapel and back many many times over the course of the two days. (About a 35 minute walk) so that got a bit tiring....
But it was worth it. Unfortunately a couple of our investigators who would have benefited the most from conference had things come up last minute. Fortunately, we have the means to revisit the talks as much as we want. :)
     So that was pretty much our week. Oh, We met a few people who are way cool as well this week. They seem to be interested in what we share, so that's nice. University is back in session, so there are loads of new people here. We have been enjoying it.
Hope everything is going well for everybody.
Hope you enjoyed conference!
Love you guys