Monday, August 22, 2016

This week was really awesome. We had an awesome experience, with our investigator Susan. She has been struggling to commit to baptism for a long time, but she finally did it. She was so excited on Sunday, she was telling everyone and getting so pumped up... Then she called her mom in Malaysia to tell her. Well her mom told her not to get baptized until she had a job and house and super stable life, etc. She was devastated.
So that was sort of hard. But we are trying to help her out through that right now.
Pray for her!
We also met a girl named Gloria and she is so elect. It is amazing.
We are sooooo excited to continue teaching her. I will definitely write more about it later.
Oh yeah, this week I went back to Swindon for a baptism of a guy I found while still there. That was fun.

That's basically life over here. We went to Warwick castle today. That was fun!

Random guy with a matching shirt.

Anyways. Talk to you later

Monday, August 15, 2016

That which we persist in doing

Hey guys :)
     Things are going great over here! This last week was a lot of fun :) we had a mini missionary called elder priest. He's a prospective elder from Nottingham. We had a few good laughs, a few good scares, and a lot of miracles. We got a couple of investigators to commit to baptism. One has been investigating for a long time and really feels the spirit at church, but she is just way afraid to get baptized. But she's going to do it!
     Also the awesome Indian lady we are teaching said she wants to get baptized. But she got sick, so she couldn't come to church yesterday :'(      But she is so cool and I love teaching her.
     As you are aware, we had no car last week... Which was fun. So We rode bikes and rode the bus. It was way less convenient, but we realized that we made everything we did more quality, because it took more effort to get places. Reflecting on it, I think there is a good lesson there. The easier things get in our lives, the more complacent we become, and it often does us harm. So I'm trying to keep that mentality of making every moment more valuable.
     Also something interesting happened this week. We talked with someone on the street and I realized that I need to be able to communicate Christ's message with more clarity. So I decided to study up in the New Testament, from a more general view. So most nights this week I've been skipping a few hours of sleep to dig into different material. It has brought me a great deal of peace and joy. I find that one of my favorite pastimes is immersing myself into scripture, for long periods of time.
     Interesting that something that was so unfamiliar to me has become one of the greatest aspects of my life. It makes me think of a quote I heard recently, and quite like... It goes like this
"That which we persist in doing becomes easier for us to do; not that the nature of the thing itself is changed, but that our power to do is increased." - Ralph Waldo Emerson.  
That is so true. I have see that over and over out here. The mission hasn't just been a spiritual testimony builder, but it has really altered the way I perceive the world around me. It has shown me that the only things that are impossible to accomplish are the things we don't persistently strive to obtain.
     The light of the body is the eye. Even so, if we nourish hope, we will obtain faith. And if we engage our faith persistently, we will obtain the reward of our desires. In things both spiritual and temporal.
This week has been sunny and wonderful here, and I have just been so happy. Life is good.
Hope everything is going well at home.
Love you guys  Here are some pictures from district meetings.

Monday, August 8, 2016

Coventry update 8.8.16

Hey guys!

     It's been a while. But I just wanted to do a little update so that everyone could see how things are going for me over here in the land of tea and crumpets. In a week from today I have 6 months until I board the plane home, and that has driven me to do quite a bit of reflection as of late! Reflection and 'planning'... Or in other words, fretting over the fact that choices of significant impact exist. But on the reflection side, things have been a bit more impactful. Seeing that I'm nearly 3/4 done hasn't made some huge impact in my desire to 'finish strong'... But it has really driven me to see the significant influence these last 18 months have had on me. So that's been a bit eye opening.  In other light, things are trucking along quite nicely here in Coventry. We've starting working with a couple cool guys who were taught in the past and have a way solid foundation, so that has been way fun.
     Also, last night we taught an Indian lady for the first time, and it was fantastic. I've probably said this before in emails, but Indians are my people. I just love them and their culture (and cuisine). The lesson was absolutely fantastic. We brought a ward member who originally comes from India, and he absolutely made the lesson. He knew the language, the culture, the religions, and he really opened her heart to the spirit. She told us of her search for truth, and how the conventional Hindu path had not answered the questions of her soul. We promised her that we would show her how to fill that gap in her soul. I am so excited to continue to teach her! Most Hindus use their belief in all religions as a means of denying following any particular one, so it was way cool to have an experience like this.
     Differently, we are on bikes right now...
This past week a man we had never before met comes up, takes our keys and drives off in our car. We had just gotten home and were literally right in front of our flat. He was dressed pretty nice, and our guard was totally down..... It makes it slightly better that he works for the auto company and it was a pre arranged occurrence. In other words, the car is in the auto shop. Haha, I gave a couple people in the mission office quite a scare telling the story that way... (Don't worry, I eventually let them know he was with the auto shop).  But yeah, the car is gone for a week so we are biking. My body has gotten so unused to biking, especially since we are covering car distances with bikes. So that has been tiring, Oh yeah, our car and the sisters car got broken into a couple weeks ago and the sat navs were stolen.. So we'd been getting quite lost lately. Which is fun.
     But yeah, I'm not sure what else to add. We have a mini missionary. He came today, seems like a cool guy. Other than that, hope everyone is doing well. Love you guys.