Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Arrived in England

I dont have a lot of time, so I just wanted to say I got here alright and it's been a wonderful experience! It's so spiritual at the mtc I am LOVING IT. there's a private catering service so we are eating SO MUCH FOOD. The food is so amazing it's flippin ridiculous. The culture here is fantastic, I love it already. The weathers a lot like home, but more intense... The accents are great, and the stereotypes better ( or rather the fact that the stereotypes are spot on)  You wouldn't believe how much my teacher says brilliant. It cracks me up. Anyways, Chorley Is beautiful.

I wish I could never leave the MTC because It is the most amazing place I have ever been to in my life. The temple is a 3 minutes walk.

Anyways, it is so beautiful here. The houses are packed together, so there is still a lot of untouched land. There is beauty all around, it's wonderful. Also it's very normal here in ways, they have asda which is basically walmart. it's owned by walmart in fact ~ in all fairness it is a little different. I like it a lot more than walmart. It's set up nicely. Things can be expensive here, but also really cheap. Like when you buy the white shirts from Asda for 8 £ you can get them tailored fro 5£. So not bad if you're a brit. If you have to convert money, you're out of luck. With conversion fees, 13£ cost like 188998234$. But really though. ON the plus side, you can get cheap suits at asda for 20£ for the coat. Or 10£ jeans, that are actually nice. You have to drive down a long road to get to asda , which is filled with houses. I love how many brick houses there are here! Also I love that they don't tear down, they renovate. So the houses are super old and the town has the coolest feel to it. Also everything is close together, so when you drive you can see rolling hills and scattered trees without any buildings on the land. It feels so different, and so similar. The weather is so much like home. It rained snowed hailed and was sunny the other day, and the locals didn't seem to notice.

I used to think of traveling to Europe, and while I obviously want to come back... I think it's better to find a way to come stay here for a while. From the little I've seen, it appears that being super rich isn't as realistic... so people are more okay with that... They take life for what it is. Good sunday roast, desserts in cyclical patterns etc. it all points to the same thing. Making life comfortable. There is somthing to be said about the Ideas in the USA, but I do love the way this place looks and feels.
Also my teacher is one of the 'investigators' we teach, which we do multiple times a day. He told me the way I think is very European, which is cool. Another thing I see here is people think differently... As my teacher put, and I would agree, Americans think more surface level, and Europeans thinks more below the surface. I had expirienced this before in Model UN, but I see it now. From the toilet paper to the cars, things are more logical here. Which I love, It suits me quite well. So maybe I become a prof out here someday, who knows. But I do know this, Europeans can travel between countries so easily ( which makes food and other goods here fresh and imported if imported is better) so everything is nice here.

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