Sunday, March 29, 2015

Mail box fun

People are interesting here, really dry humor. They're different in lots of ways though... So it should be a little while before you really relate with them. I don't find that the case. I love all of our investigators. We are teaching around 15 people now. Some just love us and don't wanna hear the message, some have a testimony and wish they didn't, and some acknowledge they know its true but pretend like they don't. I'll highlight some of the more interesting people we're teaching for the sake of time. Anne, owns a music shop in town center and is Super awesome. She's had spiritual experiences all her life, and strong answers from heavenly Father, She's been taught for a long time, so she knows a lot the gospel, but she's expecting a huge answer. We're trying to help her get past looking for the huge sign, and working on the things she has. Lorrane is a really lovely lady whos husband totally up and left for some young fitness trainer. We're just trying to get a single heart to heart lesson with her. Edith, is an even older lady who is looking for spiritual answers. She swears she's not, but she's being taught by 3 different sects at her house.. she believes the BoM is true but refuses to come to church. She's been Church of England her whole life, I think she just doesn't want the change, and know what she'll find when she goes to church. Mike is the coolest. This guy wants to be converted. he has a couple issues with some doctrine but he wants to be a member of the church. I love teaching him! He is so straightforward, there's no digging involved to get to the bottom of an issue. Ken baxter is a widower less active, who is a really sweet guy. We've been trying to help him as he is struggling with the loss. Wesley, is the GREATEST guy ever. He loves Heavenly Father and improving his relationship with him. He has two awesome dogs that make me miss clark, but they always slobber on us. The church has helped him through some rough patches so he LOVES missionaries. Elder DePRIEST locked our keys out of the flat one night and he sped over to see if he could pick the lock. Told us he could drill it, and took us back up the hill to his flat whilst we got our answer. We ended up unlocking it with a cane through the letterbox the next day. (thanks Kim Young for the idea).. I was the one who got it, and as I knew I would, got my hands stuck in the slot. So i lost a bit of skin on that. ( the mailman totally walked in right after I had finished the job and my hands were stuck in the door, so we had a good laugh over that...)

St. Ediths

The town is lovely, theres a big chapel st. edithas with bells that are always going off, and the town has a castle in it. The ward is so lovely, we get fed like lambs to the slaughter. We bike a lot, but it totally depends on the day. the first day we biked like 10 miles, some days we just walk. So it's very different from day to day. also as you may be able to tell... The people we teach are all so different, with individual needs and demands. I do really love the work here. We keep super busy. Most nights I cant get to bed on time, because we try to do all the list of things we're meant to. It's pretty hilly here, so that's a pain sometimes. But I'm getting us to it.
Tamworth Castle

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