Monday, July 11, 2016

Email is not working this week so individuals won't get the emails that were written

So on Monday we had P hours that ended promptly at 6 and got flogged (stood up) by a waster. On Tuesday my companion and I got separated as he took his theory test, and I was able to just sit on an electricity box and chill (all alone). I thought about setting up a date with this cute Indian girl but I decided against it. Then we went to contact some potentials, but they were nowhere to be found and elder Smith was like "where are the pots?". We stopped by a guy named Clive and set up a lesson for later in the week, and got dropped by our investigator which sucked cause we were going to get a ride from him to church in a 3 wheeled car (reliant robin!)... We took a member out teaching and got flogged by everyone, as per usual whenever we take him out. Poor guy. On Wednesday we got carried away GQ-Ing (street contacting) and made a guy wait who wanted to check out our flat. Then we spent the day trying to find new people and visit less active members. We had this cool guy on a date for baptism but we showed up and his dad cursed at us and told us to leave or he would call the police. So that was exciting. Then we saw Gemma who was way cool, and we get to have dinner with her next week which is a plus as well. She is so solid and her fiancée is famous on vine! And she wants to get baptised but not till she moves to Arizona (another reason to visit Ash). Thursday we had zone meeting and it was alright. Then we basically drove and ACTUALLY taught Clive and he read the Book of Mormon (like 3 verses but that was better than nothing). We were on exchange with elder Wright and elder On Friday we stopped by this lady named Fungi. Yes, Fungi. Like the stuff that grows on the ground. Then we saw Belinda, and she told us about her date the night before which was kind of awkward. Elder Matus just talked about random stuff but...yep. That was confusing. Then we left for Birmingham where we went on exchange with the AP's. We tried to talk to people on a Friday night in Birmingham, which is kind of like Portland. Then we taught some sweet twins from Iran or something. On Saturday we had sports which was cool, then tried to weekly plan and failed, but got kind of close. We got flogged and had some surprise lessons, and pretty much that was our day. Sunday we had church and taught Fallon which was awesome, then we saw this sweet less active Lithuanian family, and that was our day.

Have a great week everyone. Eat some pizza, sing in the rain, and give a man with a moustache a high five.  Have a good week

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