Monday, June 13, 2016

New Area

Hey guys!
This week Richard and Angela from my last ward got baptized so we went back for that.
So that was way cool :)
It's been a while, so I think it's time for an update. I don't remember what my last update was all about, so I'll just talk about Sheldon from the beginning. When I came into Sheldon we weren't teaching too many people, but the ward was so amazing. I felt welcomed by them from the beginning. Over the couple transfers I was there we focused a lot on finding the less actives, and we met so many great people. We didn't meet loads of new people from street contacting, but we had a really good time. Every Saturday we would play sports and two families would come almost each week. The Smiths and the Blackwells. A couple of the children had disabilities, and I quickly found a great love for them. It seemed that I lived for Saturday's. The thought of spending time with my dear young friends brightened my days, even in the dark times. Being able to build that trusting relationship with them was one of the most touching things that has happened to me on the mission. It really shaped my time there. When I got the call that I was moving, I felt really mixed up. I love the Sheldon ward so much. Coventry has become a great blessing to me as well. We wake up at 5:30 to play sports with the district for an hour. It shapes the whole day! We have a car, so we can be way more effective. We have so many things pulling at our time that it has made me use my planner more frequently and effectively. It's been pushing me out of my comfort zone lots, and I'm so grateful for it. I sang at a baptism with a sister last week, I've had to meet loads of new people, and I've committed myself to finding in more daunting ways. All in all, it's pushing me a lot and I'm so happy because of it. I haven't slept much because I've been so excited. I'll start to get sleepy when I pray but by the time I lay on my bed my mind is racing over what has happened in the day. It's been teaching me so much about the potential power of a mission, and I know I've only hit the tip of the iceberg. I'm so excited for this transfer. I love the things it's offering me. My new comp is a great guy, and we get along well. So that makes everything better. Especially the fact that he laughs at my stupid jokes. Ha :)
So things are definitely going well. On a different note, I want to share a little bit about how I came to have a testimony of the gospel. You all know that I'm the farthest away from the 'faithful' kind of guy. I never was interested because I was never really engaged. I prayed for years, but my lack of sincerity caused me to receive seemingly nothing. Ultimately when I decided that I would read the Book of Mormon, the sincerity to find out entered my heart and subsequently, I began the process of becoming a candidate of receiving Moroni's promise. Or in other words, my heart began to change to really listen to God when I started to read the Book of Mormon. That book has proved to be a constant guide to joy in my life since. Anyone who will give 30 minutes of their time each day to the prayerful study of it will come to know by the witness of the spirit that Jesus is truly the Christ, and that he watches over us. Lately I have been learning the importance of a sincere heart in conversion and have started looking more specifically for those who will act rather than wish to simply be given answers. It has open the windows of heaven in his great work. I still may not be the most spiritual, but I do have a testimony, and it is dear to me.
We had a Tri stake conference with elder oaks this Sunday and it was the most down to earth meeting I've ever been to. It was a witness to me that following the will of Christ is far more significant than being 'spiritual'. I wish everyone could consider Moroni's promise, and take him up on it.
I love you all.
Keep your heads up :)

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