Monday, April 11, 2016

Conference really touched my heart.

Hello everybody! :)
This past couple weeks have been so great for me. I just wanted to share a snippet of some of the thoughts and things that have been going on in my life.

In large part, I think General Conference is what I'll be relating to. Conference really touched my heart. Let me backtrack a bit...

My mission thus far has been me consciously trying to urge my prideful heart to humility and falling back after every small victory. A living testament to me, of the Book of Mormon in action. My inability to overcome the cyclical nature of pride (seemingly in the slightest) has brought me to a close relationship with the Book of Mormon and a sad realization of my own inadequacies. Those inadequacies have driven me to the extremes, both being apathetic toward the gospel/ totally focussed on myself, and feeling like I must be in some enlightened state at every waking moment. While in reality the answer (as in most things) lies in a carefully constructed balance... But I find balance ever so hard. So I've been drifting back and forth on my mission wishing I could get stuck somehow in the middle. Being my best self, and feeling that my actions are right. In reality, I don't have the capacity to be perfectly constant, and that's where Christ comes in. Conference caught me In an incident of apathy. Not so much toward the work, but rather, the way that the Lord wants the work to be done. Having a desire to improve, I went with three questions... regarding how I could give my heart more fully to the lords work as an individual. What marvelous answers I was given! Answers I've been longing to know for a great deal of time were spoken with such simplicity that they were unmistakable. This truly was a conference of renewal and invigoration. What a blessing it is to have such an opportunity as that so frequently in our lives.

Here are some of my thoughts from this past conference- The gospel is true and it is simple and it is one, it is all interconnected. As we struggle in the smaller aspects (of the gospel), the answer is to improve the bigger aspects in our lives. It will cast out the doubt and bring understanding to our mind. Many of the problems in our lives would be solved if we were to turn more fully to the gospel and rely on the Savior. At least for me I know... That most of my problems come from acting or thinking in such a way that is not in harmony with what Christ taught. Which leads me to see that As we put more faith in the promises of the gospel/the scriptures, the converting power comes more fully into our hearts. We obtain the faith through study and pondering. (Gradually) Sometimes we get a spiritual boost that enlightens our vision, but if we do not act on that heightened vision, it avails us nothing, for (as was said by president Uchtdorf)... if faith does not change the way we act, our religion is vain. After a major spiritual lift such as conference, If we do not act more in harmony with the gospel, we de-sensitize ourselves to spiritual understanding. As president Monson said, our actions have eternal significance. Choices are perpetual. Our realities today are created by what we chose yesterday, and tomorrow will be a result of how we deal with yesterday's choices today.

This gospel is either true or not. It's either full of wisdom or lies. We must let the gospel itself prove to us of its truthfulness. As we act in faith by following the inspired wisdom the leaders of the church (especially the prophets), we will see wisdom and power will enter into our lives. This is an unavoidable result of the heavenly laws by which we obtain blessings. Let the gospel prove its truthfulness or its falsity by its fruits. God does not and cannot lie. By nature, the gospel is unmovable and constant. Moreover, we are either spiritual beings having a physical experience or we are physical beings void of any spirit. Therefore if the gospel is true, it is the single most important thing for us to dedicate our lives to. Which means, we must ponder what God desires for us to do in our lives and then act, having the faith that gods promises will be fulfilled. It all boils down to being obedient to the teachings of the gospel. Like president Uchtdorf said, obedience is the lifeblood of faith. As we obey the letter of the law, we learn the spirit of the law. Which when entertained, will guide us to eventually being able to follow both. We cannot however let the spirit of the law become an excuse to disregard even partially the letter of the law. For in the spirit is the law, and the law and the spirit are one. Anyways, I'll just say that conference really spoke volumes to me. I can say that I know Conference is guidance from the Lord, out of the mouths of his elected leaders. The words spoken are the most significant words and counsel we could follow over the course of the next six months. There is no book or work more significant than those words. I felt the spirit testify of this to me, as I had my heart stirred by the words I heard.

The work here is going really well. I am finding slowly that by applying the counsel from conference I am being able to magnify my ability to fulfil my calling. Even if my capacity to do so is only 1.01x zoom. We are working with some great people, and my heart is really going out to the ward and a few people we teach. Yesterday we stopped by a member family, and the parents were so sincere in telling us of their concerns in raising their children in the world we live in today. Praying for them and their children before we departed was the most love deepening, touching experience I have had with members on my mission. When people are sincere, my ability to be open with them increases 100 fold... And this area is so full with sincere people. It warms my heart. I hope I never leave.
Anyways, that's all for now.
I hope this finds everyone well.
With love,
Elder Jarvis

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