Monday, September 21, 2015

One of our great friends was baptised this week!

Hey everybody! Things have been going great in Walsall! The weather is changing, but the work is pressing on. Elder Bellen and I have been spending a lot of time working with members. He is awesome at it! One of our investigators is on a baptismal date (again), hopefully is time he will follow through!
One of our great friends Ticia was baptised this week, and it was amazing!
Sometimes it feels hard as the work in England is not easy, but seeing the baptism this week was a great reminder of just how worth it all the work is! I've been studying the Book of Mormon really closely this past week, and I keep finding so many hidden principles in every chapter. Last week I prayed that I might strengthen my testimony of the Book of Mormon, and it's cool to see how quickly prayers can be answered. I think it's worthwhile to note that that strengthening came from an increase of effort on my part. I heard something I liked at church on Sunday.... It was, if church is boring to you, it's likely because you keep getting told the same things from the holy ghost. Or in other words, you aren't acting on the necessary prompting you're getting, so you're not growing to a place where you can hear more. I suppose the theme this week was to take a step forward in faith. Something I think we all need to do, regardless of where we are in life.
We had been really trying to get one of our investigators to read the Book of Mormon, and it wasn't until we had a great lesson at a members house that he seemed to have his curiosity kindled. It's amazing how much power members have, when they share their passion for the gospel. Sorry for the short update, but I'm low on time.

I love you guys. Have a great week.

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