Tuesday, August 25, 2015

6 Month Mark

Hey everybody! Sorry it's been so long since the last update (but I won't repent, because I'll probably do it again) things have been a bit manic here in Walsall. My companion Elder Sioeli went home this past Wednesday, which was really strange. I have a new companion Elder Bellen ( who also
served with Elder Sioeli), so we have plenty in common already. Elder B is from the Philippines so naturally we eat a lot of rice. Which I'm fine with ( not so sure about my stomach). Things have been going well between us so far, he's a nice guy. This last transfer has been a really strange one. I
learned lots (as you do from comps.), most importantly, I think I have come to value time a lot more because of the last transfer. Things are going well for us currently. We have one investigator  that has been to church a couple times now. He's an awesome guy from India. Anyways, Elder B and I are looking forward to this transfer. It's gonna be great.
Recently I have been continually brought back to a message. That message being the importance of the Book of Mormon in our gospel progression. This week I came to see that often times in the gospel, we look for grand or clever concoctions of ideas and thought to enlighten and inspire youth, and church members alike. When in reality this is a reactionary behavior. If we always try to find a way to catch up with the problem, we will find that our lives are spent always being reactive to problems... Rather than being proactive in moving forward. The real issue (as commonly is the case) is not a matter of the problems we see (lack of commitment etc.), but rather a result of the deeper more underlying issue. Strangely enough however, the solution is not more complex. Indeed you may say the solution is not complex at all. The solution lies not in finding new avenues or theorizing an arsenal of defensive mechanisms, but simply in following the basic counsel of the prophets. Specifically, daily scripture study. The power in daily scripture study trumps all other defensive tactics. Daily scripture study gives our daily arsenal, and as we study each day we don't need to try and spend so much effort coming up with ways to solve the problems in our lives (or the lives of those we love). For our (all knowing) God will give us the answers. Surely there is wisdom in the prophets words to study continuously from the scriptures (and indeed it is the words of the prophets, as every prophet on this earth has given this counsel). Many of the problems we face in life could be avoided through certain behaviors beforehand. Likewise I think when our agency is a key factor in the existence of the issue... Then to at least some extent, Heavenly Father will expect us to use our agency to undo the problem. I postulate that if every member of the church was to study the Book of Mormon each day (for even 30 minutes) the reduction in poor decisions and problems would be astronomical.

I firmly believe that the Book of Mormon is the key in not only converting non-members... But converting members, insomuch that they may feel the daily joy that they are intended to feel from the gospel. It is in no wise my creation or idea, but I will surely claim it to be my focus and my life goal. The Book of Mormon has been the key in my personal conversion, and likewise I have a great desire to build up this church, using this wonderful tool. Now, I may have no stewardship over anyone's life but my own. But to all my friends and family who read this I will make a promise, not of my own words... But the words of one Elder Dykes of the 70. "If you read from the Book of Mormon for 30 minutes everyday for the rest of your lives, you will never fall away from the church". What a brilliant promise indeed, and I see the wisdom in his counsel. Likewise I invite all to 'sup daily from its pages', and to experience the continuous change of heart God intends for all to experience each day. Unfortunately it proves rather difficult to share this message to an open heart in England. But my hope is that all my friends and family grow to abide by this standard, and invite those around them to do the same. I have experienced the depth of power of change this gospel has to offer, and come to love it so dearly. This Wednesday marks the 6 month point of my mission, and boy am I glad I came out. What a change it has wrought in me! Amazingly enough however, the majority of things I have done or experienced are readily available to all worthy members. I'm having such a wonderful time out here!

I hope you are all doing wonderfully.


Elder Jarvis

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