Monday, July 6, 2015

New mission President

     I'm aware that it has been a while since the last update, so I guess it's about time to do one :)
A lot has gone on since the last update.  First things first, We got a new mission President this week, President Leppard.  As Elder Bednar once stated, most missionaries are called to a mission for the mission president.  I saw how that was true this week.  During the (meet the president) meeting this week, I had an instantaneous and strong witness that this man was called to direct this area, and that I was called in large part to serve along side him.  What a marvelous blessing it is to have a Heavenly Father who knows all of our needs and desires long before they need to be understood.  I'm much looking forward to the time with President Leppard, however I am too sad to see the Rasmussens go. They were absolutely lovely.
     Similarly, I will be leaving Tamworth this Wednesday, and I find out tonight where I'm headed. So I'll send that in the next update.  It is a bittersweet feeling, as I now have to leave the people I have just started to become acquainted with.  However I now get to make new friends elsewhere.  Being less than overly confident in coming to meet new people. this will be quite a big task for me.  But nevertheless, we push on.  Saying goodbye to people has been strange, the gospel ties people together like nothing else can.  In just a few short months, I've come to love the people here more fully than I have ever thought possible.  I will be really sad to not be able to continue helping the investigators in this area,
     Looking back on this transfer I'm quite happy.  We helped A. long term investigator read in the book of Mormon ( something She had never done up til recently)   This took no shortage of prayer, faith, and trust in Heavenly Father.  After a year, she got the answer that she was to read the book, and it would be by her own efforts, not by divine influence.  So it was quite wonderful to see, that regardless of how long it takes Heavenly Father will give his children what they need ( when he knows they're ready).  Hopefully she will agree soon to be baptized.
     Also this transfer we have found a number of investigators though our efforts in contacting former investigators.  These have been some of the most memorable people.  They seem to be quite prepared, and we've had the wonderful blessing of helping them through many trials.  I see a lot of potential for this area in the next few transfers.
     I have seen so many blessing come to my life in this area, and I've learned so much about what the gospel should mean in our lives.  I hope it continues to be as fruitful to those to serve here for years to come.  I have had the privilege of becoming great friends with many people in this area.  One of my very favorite people is a mother, who when we first met her was very apprehensive of religion.  It's been amazing to see how big of an impact being open and warm has on those around us.  While her practices and beliefs are far different from ours, she is more willing to hear about our perspectives, each time we show her how wonderful our message really is.  It's been such a great joy serving in this area, here alone I have learned more than any amount of money could buy.  I wouldn't trade it for the world.
     I hope you all are having a wonderfully fulfilled time, regardless of how difficult things are. Because I know, that is something the gospel has power to do.
Also, I hope you all have a wonderful week or couple weeks,,. ( not sure when I'll write next)
Anyways, Bye

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