Monday, July 13, 2015

New Area.

     This week has been manic! Transfers were weds.My new area is Walsall. It is absolutely brilliant here. The town is exceedingly dirty, more rubbish on the ground than anywhere I've ever been. But the people in general seem more open. It's amazing how 10 miles can literally change the attitude of a whole city. There are tons of Muslim and Seek people here, so it's very diverse. I had a bit of a scare as my companion (Elder Sioeli) pretended to be afraid of talking to people, and pretended that all he did was watch movies, sleep, and eat. He sold the role pretty well. Oh yeah he also pretended to have like 8 months left.
Well turns out he's going home next transfer, and he's probably the most solid guy in the whole mission. Amazing conversion story, and just a great guy. He is just the coolest. So anyways, it wasn't until district meeting that I realized he was playing a big prank, to which I was quite relieved. :p
     Things have been heavenly since then, just an absolute blast. Anyways, the work has been pretty interesting, as Elder Sioeli has a pretty different approach to missionary work. But yeah I'm so glad to be in Walsall. It's such a sweet area. Unfortunately all the elders in this district are dying(nearing 2 years), so at the end of this transfer all three of the other elders will be headed home. Which will be a drastic change..... However as one elder is going home this week, we'll get an extra guy that will hopefully stay. Anyways, the work is going quite well. We do tons of finding in Walsall, and compared to Tamworth, finding is a blast! We've made a district goal to make 6,000 invitations to learn this transfer. Quite a hefty goal, but I'm serving alongside some of EBM'S finest. I won't go into specifics, but lately I've really been able to see the power of prayer, and how quickly prayers can be answered if Heavenly Father wants you to receive the answer.
     The Walsall ward is so awesome, I'm really excited to be serving here. Although I do really miss the people in the Tamworth ward. It' scrapyard how good of friends you can make in such a short time out here. Anyways, that's me in a nutshell. Things are going so well. I hope everyone is getting on quite well also.

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