Friday, July 3, 2015

Beautiful weather

      I wont do a written update this week, as I kind of broke my bike... a.k.a. we're walking a very long way to dinner tonight, and I don't have time. But I'll share some pictures, and will try to write one next week. Things have been going well :) 
These are my favorite trees, (one's actually a bush that is the size of a tree, but nevertheless...) 
     If the pictures are bad, sorry... I've just been using the Ipad, as It's a lot more practical. Included are pictures of Elder Joblot and myself ( Elder Joblot is my all time fave) and my district meeting and my new companion Elder Peterson.

     It's rose season here ,and the flowers are absolutely beautiful. Also the Sun never goes away. It looks like day until 10, and the sun doesn't really leave until like 12. At which point it starts rising again at 2ish.... But the sunny days have been nice. anyways, here are some pictures that I'm always promising

     Wow School is out, that is so strange. Sad to hear that trek was cancelled, I bet a lot of work went into it. Also it would have been a great experience for all who went. A heat wave you say? That's new.
     Things are going well here. we're getting closer to transfers and getting a new mission pres. So that will be interesting. I really love the people here, especially Anne, It'll be hard to leave when I do.
Interesting to hear about the new stake presidency, I hope great things come from their efforts. I really can imagine the power of members being able to openly share their beliefs. I think about it a lot actually, it really kills me some times to think about! It's something I want to change when I get home.
     I won't acclaim a time or understanding of the lords choosing of second coming, because it is written that even his angels won't know... ( and I'm certain they know the signs a lot better than us). But the bishop in this ward, and an ex bishop who is our ward mission leader have claimed that they believe a big gathering of some sort in coming. How far off I don't know, we shall see I guess. Elder Holland spoke in the English Parliament this week, which is a first for the church. So things are surely changing.

Anyways, things are great out here I'm still working hard.

I hope you have a wonderful week.

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