Tuesday, March 22, 2016

3.22.16 update

     That's awesome to hear about the convert baptisms in the ward. It makes such a difference when the ward is strong and growing. Especially when a ward has the Spirit strengthening and growing it.
This ward is amazing. They're all older people here pretty much but the ward is so strong and it is amazing.
      Things are going so well out here. I'm serving with elder Corso, an Italian elder. We've been friends since the start of my mission. The work is so much easier when you're serving with a friend. Everything has been so lovely. This week has been spiritual, exciting, and just so joyous in general. This has been probably my favourite week on my mission. Things are going so well here. I'm learning so much already in this area.
        I hope you have an awesome week. I know it will be a busy one here, I bet it will be a busy one there as well.

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