Saturday, November 21, 2015

November 9,2015

Hey everybody!
Here's another update for ya :D
Things have been great this week. We have been so blessed. We have started teaching a couple new people this week, which is awesome because we've been struggling to find people to teach. We're going to do some service for one of the investigators tomorrow by helping him heart he sermon from the church his wife goes to, as he is hard of hearing... So that will probably be a funny story.
Nevertheless, We're happy to help. This week we helped a less active family move over the course of two and a half days... So this week has been pretty tight on time, and yet things have still worked out beautifully. Just goes to show... If your hearts in the right place, the Lord will provide. Despite the challenges of life, I have seen how the Lord does truly provide... If you can put your trust in him, you need not worry. When you teach or share your testimony, there's a wonderful spirit about the experience. Those experiences are what have carried me throughout the week. We have been doing loads of work with less actives, and it has been so wonderful. We have met tons of wonderful families. Also, we got a new bishop this week. And he is totally missionary minded! We are excited for the new emphasis, and change it will bring. So all in all, this week has been awesome!
And this next week will be even better. Elder Ballard is coming to the mission!

Well, I hope everything is going well!
Love and warm regard,
Elder Jarvis

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