Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Happy Christmas

Hey everybody! Hope your all doing really well :)
Things are going great here, and I haven't done an update for a couple weeks (I think), so I shall now!
     We have been so blessed lately, by meeting the most amazing people!
For one, we tracked into the nicest brothers ever. They are so sincere and humble that it's hard to believe. They invited us in, fed us, and let us teach them. They invited themselves to church, and we're really excited about what we shared with them. they work really hard, but Hopefully they can make it to church next week! Also we tracked into the most amazing family from Ghana. (We talked to him on the street earlier that week) it was really exciting to see him at his house. He understands that God sent us to his family, but he and his family are ministers of a local church. We're really excited to teach that family. We also have an amazing investigator who has come to church for three
weeks in a row now. I'm amazed at how many awesome people we have met recently. And this
ward is great, just so willing to help.
     Oh yeah! I'm still in Swindon, and I'm serving with elder Davis again :) So that is pretty much what's happening lately! We've been spending a lot of time sharing the churches Christmas video
with everyone. It's a great little video, you should all share it with your friends! There really is an attendant spirit about Christmas.
     We had a multi zone conference last week, and it was wonderful. The spirit was so strong at the testimony meeting! It's such a wonderful opportunity to be called to share the message of Christ's birth and atonement.
     I really love this calling, it has taught me so much!
I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas week, and enjoy spending time with family!
Love to all of you.
Elder Jarvis

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