Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The power of simplicity

 I had one of my favorite lessons ever this week because it helped me understand the power of simplicity. We were teaching J, and I used the parable of faith as a seed and expounded on it in a way I've never really thought about. The spirit totally took over what I was saying, and what I was saying was very simple. Yet it made sense to her, it made a lot of sense to her. I could see it and feel it. We hadn't planned to talk about that at all, it just came up. I came to see without a doubt, that just as the Savior himself taught in simplicity, so should we. It sticks now. Simplicity in the gospel is so important because it speaks to the simple of understanding and the knowledgeable. That lesson really makes sense to me now, and I'm so happy to have learned it. Because It's so important to understand as a missionary... And I will continue to develop my understanding of it with time.. Anyways, I'll step off my soapbox :P

I love what you said about helping those who have fallen through the cracks. My companion is sick so I spent all of yesterday going though area books full of past investigators and people who have been baptized. It was actually really nice going through them all day, you get to think about the person and their brief relation with the gospel and how they reacted, and you have to use clues and make inferences... I found it really fun believe it or not. I never thought I would say searching through papers all day would be fun, but hey you never know I guess. Anyways in setting out those who I wanted to visit, I came across the large stack of people who have been baptized and are less active. My goals for the next couple transfers are to consolidate the 4 big area books into one, and organize it. I want to visit each one of the hundreds of names in the books to receive updated information on those who have moved, are uninterested etc. Also, I want to visit those who have stopped coming to church and help them re-understand how the gospel will bring blessings into their life that they need. I'm not sure that I will visit every one in that pile, because it's obviously quite a big goal. I know there will be a lot than can come from it. But I'm most excited to try and help those less active members see the blessings from the gospel once again.

Have a lovely week and enjoy the little things!

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